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St Augustine's RC School


master brummie
This was our Grade 4 photo at St Augustine's RC School in 1954..

Our teacher was Sister Angela.

I thought the Handsworth folk might like to see it and even see someone they know or knew as children.  :)
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gone but not forgotten
But which one is you, Mo? S'pose, where you lived, you only had to fall outa bed to get there on time. :) Was old Monsignor Montgomery (cousin of the field marshal) parish priest at that time? He married Gail and me at the church in 1969.

The kids looked a lot different when my granddaughter went there in more recent years. :coolsmiley:


master brummie
I won't ask you to guess which is me as I am 7th from the left on the middle row. We all looked a scruffy lot in those days didn't we, maybe it is because it is a black and white picture?

You are right Paul I could fall out of bed and almost be in school but I was nearly always running at the last minute and ask John I have not changed. I improve as I get older as I can't run so fast but I always try and do too many things before I go out, like checking my email. :2funny:

Well I hope some of the folks on the photo recognize themselves if they are on the forum. :)


Are you still up and running? Can't get the class photo having looked around.
I was with Sr. Angela although probably not yr. year.
Would love to see the photo though.
Can you contact me,

[email protected]


master brummie
Was at St Augustines c1961 - 67. Sister Angela was still there then and Mr Walsh the head teacher. Other teachers I remember - Mrs Doyle, Mr Chamberlain, Miss O'Driscol.


master brummie
Sorry I don't think I replies to this post and I think all the photos vanished on the BHF due to a problem last year. I am hoping I can find it and attach it here. Mo

Sorry didn't work.
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