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St Anne's School Duddeston


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Does anyone remember this School? Most of my siblings went there when we all lived in Dollman Street! There are some photo's to reminisce about here! :)


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I can't really check until I return home later this evening, but I think your photo is of St Anne's Highgate and not the St Anne's in Cato Street. I have a couple of photos of St Anne's, I'll put them up later.


Gone, but not forgotten.

This is St Anne's School, I also made an error by saying it was in Cato Street. The school itself was actually in Devon Street which was the next street down the hill on Duddeston Mill Rd. I think it was St Anne's Church that ran through to Cato Street and the Vicarage was opposite on the other side of Cato Street.



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A summary of the school from British History online:

ST. ANNE'S C. OF E. PRIMARY SCHOOL, Devon St., Saltley. St. Matthew's Branch Sch., Cato Street, opened 1868 in one room of Duddeston Hall for I only. Fees 2d.,standards I–II only.Building altered 1869–70, to accom. 746 B, G, I, with a teacher's house. Name changed c. 1870 to St. Anne's National Sch., Duddeston. Fees 1874: 2d.–4d. H.M.I. reported 1894 that buildings and education were both poor: B dept. was now closed.Fees retained until 1903. Bd. of Ed. demanded substantial improvements in premises 1912. By 1923 the building was dangerous: repairs 1923–6. Reorganized 1930 for 420 JI.Became a controlled sch. 1951.Accom. 1961: 10 classrooms.

And pupils enjoying a day at Sutton Park in May 1939. Viv.