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St Anne's Church Cato Street Duddeston


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Bit of history info on St. Anne's-Duddeston:

ST. ANNE, Duddeston (Cato St.), a red brick building designed by J. G. Dunn in the Gothic style and consisting of chancel, nave, aisles and bellcot, was consecrated in 1869. (fn. 12) Three of the four bells, dated 1650, 1638 and 1740, were brought from St. Mary's, Moseley, in 1874. (fn. 13) In 1869 a parish was assigned out of St. Matthew's, Duddeston, the living, which became a vicarage in 1874, being in the gift of the bishop. (fn. 14) The church was closed in 1951, and the benefice was united with that of St. Matthew, Duddeston. (fn. 15) A mission room in Great Francis Street was licensed for public worship from 1908 to 1926. (fn. 16)


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St Anne's Cato St Duddeston, designed by J.G.Dunn consecrated1869 closed 1951.built of of red brick
Did you take this photograph yourself? The official Church records state that this church was demolished shortly about 1951.

Dr Helen Coan

Brummie babby
St Anne's Cato St Duddeston, designed by J.G.Dunn consecrated1869 closed 1951.built of of red brick
I've been looking for a photo of this church for my family history records. Could I please have permission to use your photo in my write up. Helen

dek carr

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Helen that photo was put on the forum 3 years ago i,m not sure if O C is a member but i,m sure there would be no reason why you could not take a copy. Dek


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O C is no longer a member but I believe he removed anything that was copyrighted so I am sure it is OK to copy it. Alberta.

les may

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st johns missionary church

hi all any one no of st john church that was i sang there in the church choir in the 1960s the choir master was a mr eric godfrey it was at the bottom of inkerman st nechells he also played the organ for the church thank you mary x
The church/chapel was in Dollman Street, I lived in Inkerman St.