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St Andrews Church Bordesley Green


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Hi everyone, I don't suppose anyone remembers if there was a memorial plaque for those who fell in WWI inside the church do they?


Dawn Deeley

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I lived at St Andrews Church in the 60s, my Dad was the verger and my Mum the caretaker. We lived in the grounds in a big house with another couple in the other half. There was not a graveyard here. My brother had loads of photos of the church, sadly he passed away in 2009 and I don't know where the photos are as he lived in Australia.

Dawn Deeley

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I'm not sure about your gruesome question but I wonder if the square house you remember was the vicarage which was on Green Lane. I think it dated back to Victorian times and it was set back from the road with railings at the front. When were you (and your nephew) christened?
There was a house in the grounds, we lived there when I was a child. My Dad wilf was the verger and my Mum, Clare was the caretaker.There was no graveyard there.


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Re: St Andrews Church Bordesley

Yes, the chap with the moustache is indeed Rev Richards. He was my great great grandfather. His beloved wife Amy died tragically young from cancer. I have a beautiful painting of a design for a stained glass window at St Andrews in her memory. I would love to know what happened to that window - my great uncle was offered it when the church was demolished in 1985 but could find nowhere to store it. I would love to know if someone else took the window and if so, where it is now. It would be nice to find the owner and tell them the story behind it too. So if anyone knows - please let me know! Thank you.
I got married in that church in 1979 . I remember the stained glass windows beautiful testament to your wife .