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Spring. A poem by Ann Harrison nee Gettins


Robert Harrison

The seasons change, and winter; the time that nips the nose and freezes the fingers,
Gives way to springs boisterous air, which makes the daffodils and the snowdrops,
Nod their heads in time to the unheard music nature unleashes with her first pale green fronds.

Grass, which all winter has lain dormant, now pushes up its spears
Which delight in springs first careless rupture.
Nature breathes again after the stronghold the winter has relinquished at last.

Now the lambs are once more heard to bleat in field and pen.
Crocuses and Hyacinth burst. forth in beauty,
To herald the coming of spring and of the earths new birth.

All the earth rejoices in the cuckoo's song, and relishes the knowledge
That King Winter with his icy sceptre and snow kingdom,
Has been banished for another year.