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Spitfires Monument Castle Bromwich


master brummie
Did you know the Spitfire statue was made by a nephew of JRR Tolkein. It is scheduled to be moved due to much needed road widening to a site not far away from where it is now. Great photo John.


master brummie
John, once again nice picture,
and Rod thanks for passing on that website
very informative,wonder where the "Spitfires"
will now be placed,shame it has to be moved


master brummie
We love the Spitefire.........My aunt used to work on the spitfire componenets at Cadbury's during WW2

We collect pictures of aircraft..........by far the spitfire is the most courageous looking plane in my eyes..............and it looks so 'nippy'

That is an amazing picture you have posted John


master brummie
It's funny how the Spitfire captured our imagination,
yet it was the poor relative the Hawker Hurricane
that shot down more enemy planes in the battle of Britain
having said that Ilove the old "Spit"


As a very young member of the Home Guard one of our nightly jobs was to light the oil drums and keep them burning to create a smoke screen over the Spitfire factory at Castle Bromwich, we would finish at 6a.m. go home have breakfast and then go to work for 8 a.m.
it`s a good job the duty came around every 8-10 nights. What did I do at work? make aircraft fighter cabiins until the army claimed me.


Hi John, Your gret photo brought back a memory for me. The first time that i ever went on an aeroplane was at Castle Bromwich. It was at an air show when I was about 7 or 8 (around 1956) my dad scraped up enough money to send my brother and me up for a 'Joyride" I still love flying to this day and go up whenever I can.


master brummie
Wikipedia shows the aircraft factory closed in 1945 and became a car factory, bought by Fisher and Ludlow Ltd.

Other website says last Spitfire left factory January 1946.