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Spitfire Test Pilots

Old Ted

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Does anyone remember watching Alex Henshaw test flying production spitfires before delivery to the RAF.
He would do a vertical power-dive, then pull out quickly to test the strength of the wings. Wow! :rolleyes:
Old Ted

G G Jean

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:peach:Hi Ted and welcome to the forum. I will ask Dennis who is on the forum as he is well into spitfires. Jean.:peach:


master brummie
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Youtube film of Alex Henshaw test flying a Spitfire at Castle Bromwich in 1941: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCmzYccyBYM

It is absolutely mind boggling.

In the followup comments on Youtube re the film there is some dispute that this was actually filomed at Castle Bromwich
but this comment confirms it as well as others who lived locally at that time and knew Castle Bromwich Airfield well: The name he gives is "bananajet"
and the post was three years ago.

"Gentlemen, those who know me know I knew Alex wel! I was also one of the 4 men who scattered his ashes in Cambridge! Im unsure about the debate where this was filmed but can confirm that the airfield where the two aircraft take off from is Castle Bromwich! I went to school there and watched them bulldoze the great hangers down! You can clearly see Alex's office on the left hand side of the hangers (where you see him sitting outside in Sigh for a Merlin with Churchill) RIP my friend 4 years now."
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Austin K2

master brummie
Anyone interested in Alex Henshaw and the Mew Gull, and you are in Lincolnshire any time, I would recommend that you pay a visit to THORPE CAMP VISITOR CENTRE, Tattershall Thorpe, (Near RAF Coningsby).
They have a Mew Gull replica, built at the centre, and a large display on Alex.