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Spitfire at Moira today


master brummie
photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg

Owen and I went to the Ashby Canal Boat show today, at Moira Furnace. It was a lovely day and this Spitfire flew over at lunchtime, did about 3 fly past and was quite low, wonderful sight. These are the pics Owen got on his phone camera.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Great photo Sue. Reminds me of the one that flew over the river on forties weekend two years ago. I came right above us.


Looks amazing Sue the weather was good as well. I hope a good time was had by all.


master brummie
It was a lovely day, the day was based at the Moira Furnce, a 19th century blast furnace with it's own museum and canalside walks. Despite the fact it is only 15 miles away I hadn't been before and will definitely be going again taking mom and dad with me!
The Spitfire was brilliant though, so low nd the sound of it was lovely.


knows nowt
Lovely Sue. My 2xgreat grandfather was a boatman from Ashby, and later Castle Donington. We went there a few years ago, but couldn't find Ashby canal so will be going again now and paying a visit to Moira Furnace.
Thanks for letting us know.