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Spiceal Street & Edgbaston Street


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Thought this was an interesting scene of its time; a cartload of straw being weighed on the cart machine in Jamaica Row c.1890. Viv.

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I think this would have been photographed very close to the Cart Machine. It's on the corner of Moat Row and Jamaica Row 1901. (i.e. post - phase 1 market extension but pre- phase 2 extension which Mike mentioned in post 28 above). My guess the building on the right could be the Birmingham & Midland Bank. Viv.
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The weighing machine is what is described as the cart machine in the caption of the photo. It is a very good photo, and i've never seen it before. If you go to my thread at https://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/showthread.php?t=23229 and look at the second picture accross on the first post, you will see a similar view of the buildings, except that the hardware shop in your photo has , by c 1970, been taken over to expand the Bank. This can be seen by the same wooden separation piece being present on both photos to the right of the hardware shop .


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I've compared the two Mike. They certainly do tally. What a mess was made of the shop fronts by later development. Looks like the splendid archway in the 1890 cart machine photo when adapted for the bank expansion (just in view on the left on your 70s photo) was not very sympathetically done. Will also work through your link you've posted. Looks very interesting. Thanks for that. Viv


Scudamore's Shop at number one Spiceal Street and we can see the great variety of metal goods that were manufactured in eighteenth century Birmingham

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It must have bean a great place to shop if you liked Pork, on the 1851 census it has a pork butchers at Number 5 employing 11 butchers, and number 8 has another pork butchers shop employing 10 butchers.