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Speedway. Perry Barr.


master brummie
Hi Jean,
I'm sorry Hon, I have no idea, perhaps a little before my time.
However I have attached it to an Email and have sent it to some of the Brummies speedway forum, if anybody can help they can ha ha.
As soon as I hear something I'll let you know ok


master brummie
Hi Jean, Winston,
This rider is Bob Lovell and the picture was taken in 1947, the year I was born ha ha, thats how I didnt know him ha ha.
I have that on good authority of Brian Buck....... Mr Brummies Speedway himself! What this man don't know about the Brummies, well lets put it like this he's Speedway through and through. It was thanks to him that the Brummies are back in Brum!
Anything else you need to know just ask ok? Like I said If I don't know someone will lol.:D