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South African BMD Records


master brummie

Can anyone tell me is it is possible to view marriage/death records for immigrants to south africa?

Thank you in advance



Ex-pat Brummie
Hi Macca,

Try https://ancestry24.com - not free, but fairly cheap!

NAAIRS has quite a few death notices and probate records here: https://www.national.archives.gov.za/naairs.htm

and eGSSA provide a cheap photographic service for many record offices here: https://www.eggsa.org/index.htm

Note that the NAAIRS system is currently suffering from a bug that says there are no Search IDs available, but this mainly manifests itself in the evening and over weekends when the offices are shut. But just persist and you will eventually get in!

Hope that helps,

Maurice :cool:

EDIT: Also try joining this list, it's free and the people on there are very helpful:-