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Sons Of Rest


proper brummie kid
I know that this thread is a little old, but I am posting a reply because a great great uncle of mine - Thomas Field who was born in 1837 and lived in Birmingham all his life - was reputedly a founder of the society. I am just wandering if anyone has any more information about the society? I believe he died around 1910 but the only information I can find about when the society suggests it started in Birmingham in 1927 and this of course is contra to my information. A long shot I know!! (His elder brother was William Field who had a business that has also been talked about on the group known as "Field Rifle Co" .)

H Jacksonb34

New Member
There was a Sons of Rest above the Boat House in Ward End Park. I looked forward to go there 30 - 40 years ago but "progress" has overtaken me. TV and PC now. Some progress?


Brummie babby
I noticed that no one has mentioned the Sons of Rest building situated in Handsworth Park. After determination from the residents of Handsworth the building was saved and restored to a modern design. I have seen the building open on occasions but usually the shutters are down. Attached see how the building looked before and present day.


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master brummie
I'd completely forgotten about Sons of Rest. I'm reminded that there was a wooden building that they occupied in Daisy Farm park when I was young.


master brummie
I had never heard of The Sons of Rest, but then I was only 16 - not over 60 - when I moved south. There are similar places in many towns these days, but are not restricted to men of course, but they are usually associated with churches or social services.


master brummie
I remember the Sons of Rest pavillion in Small Heath Park. It was opposite the bowling greens. In the late 60's myself and a couple of mates became interested in playing bowls after the green keeper showed us how to play the game. We often went there on summer evenings for a game or two and got to know a few of the old boys who were members of the Sons of Rest club. We would often play them at bowls and got on quite well despite the huge difference in ages. We were 14/15 at the time and they were all 65 plus. I remember that some of them were veterans of WW1,although they were reluctant to go into details of their experiences. I took my grandson to Small Heath Park in 2010 on a nostalgia trip. The place had deteriorated hugely from its condition in my time and the bowling greens and Sons of Rest building were both no longer there


knowlegable brummie
I too had forgotten about the Sons of Rest. My grandfather was a member and wore the little enamel badge. I suspect that at that time, l probably found the idea of such an organisation slightly ridiculous as you do when you’re young. Gramps was a regular attender at the Small Heath park branch back in the early sixties.