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Some one up there


master brummie
Not having written a story before,here goes,and as they say this one is true.
And though It only concerns three young 18year old's doing their National Service it could be the story of many.
Ron, Charlie,& Bert,after doing their initial training in the Royal Engineers
were sent overseas to Palestine,as it was then known.
The three lads werethen sent to Jerusalem,their duties included Guard Duties,searching the food convoys (coming into Jerusalem),for arms & explosives,and keeping the roads open as these were destroyed regulary.

This particular day April 10th,the lads were detailed in helping to remove and defuse a mine,in a monastry,returning to camp, the tipper lorry they were sitting in,Charlie on Bert's Left,Ron on Bert's right.it was hit by a mortar bomb,killing Charlie & Ron,Bert was wounded in the arms,(it was later discovered that the Syrian army was responsible mistaking us for Israeli's.) eventually a Jewish Ambulance picked the lads up and they were then taken to a Jewish hospital,later transferred to a British Military hospital where they were treated for their wounds.

Bert was eventually allowed out of hospital to return to his unit,which had moved in to Egypt,they then joined their Regiment in Libya,but shortly were ordered to Trans-Jorden for fear that it was going to be invaded by Israel,luckily for Bert & Company,this did not happen,and Bert served the rest of his time in Aqaba,before returning home for discharge.
A year later,Bert received a railway warrent to travel to Castle Martin,in Pembrokeshire,because of the out break of the Korean war,but after having a medical,he was not called up.
Ron by the way came from Dudley, Bert from "Brum" and Charlie from Lowestoft, you may ask how I know all this,well I know Bert quite well
and he always said "Some one up there was looking after me"


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D And the world is a better place because of it "Some one up there was looking after me" Cheers 8)

Chris :)

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
It is the first time I have read this Dennis and after talking with you the other day I agree there is someone up there looking after you. Jean.


gone but not forgotten
hi dennis
a very intresting story we all scoff about being some one being up stairs in the heavens
and how many people cry out in a moment of desperation in the hour of need to god
you do really want to beleive in it because yes there is some one strangly enough
so what you have been told you wanna beleive in it
i myself did have personal reasons for this but i will not disclose it as to why
best wishes astonion