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Some of Shanny's poems - Beware can be romantic mushy type




The sand is warm beneath my feet as I stroll along the shore, looking out across the bay at sailing ships galore

A journey through the outback, the bush of legends born, the passing of the pioneers, the heroes that we mourn

The sun shines bright up in the sky over all this big brown land, your family, friends and all your mates, always lend a hand!

So soft the sand beneath my feet as I walk along the beach, there are wonders here I've yet to see, but they're never out of reach

For I live in a lucky country where the sun will never set and I'll never be lonely, I've kept all the friends I've met

To Samantha about her smile


The stars hang high in the heavens above and my mind is travelling fast, For you have given me a ray of hope to forget about things past

You have done this without thinking or even knowing that you had, For it's your smile that's made me happy, for your friendship I am glad, and to think ...You give this gift to many, each and every day

'cause it's your smile, that's such a part of you . . . It's you ... in every way

This one is about long distance romance ......

Circles Of Love

I sit drawing circles of love all over your back, while brushing your long flowing hair, a dream that I have in my sleep every night....

Wishing, I could really be there

My love is unmeasurable, so strong it becomes, I want to be with you, long times, every day, affection and trust, It's for real, It's a must, listen,

I really have much more to say

To love you I am, indeed, many men and I change as quick as a storm in the air, I be your consort and guard, the friend and your lover ...

I long to sit and brush of, your long flowing hair

I sing in my heart of the dreams that we share, of laughter's caress in the dark

two people making their mark , through the mists of our time...

Wishing I really were there

Cool waterfalls echo the call of the sea,
and my heart races and beats just for you,

to have you and hold you throughout all of time

Not a possession or burden, I wish you were mine,
Oh! To sit back and brush of your hair….

And draw my circles of love on your back


I am, but a quiet observer, watching as things go passing by, some people like you, choose to stay a bit, while others have to fly.

Rushing about, confused it seems, working forever to fulfil their dreams;
I sometimes wonder if dreams are worth so much.

I have no extra money, big house, a car or yacht, I have the love and trust of so many friends, but you're the best friend that I've got.

You have opened up your heart to me and even bared your soul, a love that no one else could give, you gave this gift of gold.

You took me in from lonely street, and let me know my worth, you gave to me a love that is, with me, anywhere on this earth.

For that, I am indebted, 'membering walking in the park, never forgetting what made us happy, your tender kisses in the dark

I know wherever I go from here, you'll be always on my mind, to keep me feeling happy . . . I know you'll love me, all through time

A Celtic flavor ....


At night, as you lay asleep in your bed, I pull up the covers and cradle your head, so pretty and fragile as you lie, Ciara, Princess of Celt, and of time

You dream of your heroes and knights full of myth, and your Dragons conquer high fortress's, with their flames full of hiss, and you'll rule with kind wisdom that's born of heart, and love all your subjects ... how's that for a start?

As you lay so restful and sleep in the night, I'll be right here beside you should ever you take fright

For to neglect a princess, is a crime and a sin, and I'd crumble up into nothing if the evil ever wins

it's my duty and an honour to serve you so much, little princess I kiss you and hold you, a touch

One Last one Before i bore you all to tears :)

Again about Samantha - she kinda had a big influence over me . LOL

called ...

"Angel To Me"

Into my life you came but once, to help me on my way

I didn't even know it then, but I wish that you had stayed.

You gave me love and purpose, if only for a time, it was a magic moment, taken, in that moment you were mine.

But as so often happens, you chose to take your leave, I will always 'member you, the fun I miss, I grieve.

Someone who gave so much to me, someone who really cared, you were there to comfort me, in the times while I was scared.

The stars shone bright and sparkling, a clear message they did send, it kept us happy and laughing, but alas it had to end

I know not where you are today, or if you still survive, but thank you for the time we've spent, you have helped make me come alive

Thanks for being great listeners :lol:


Robert Harrison

I liked all of them. read them again and again so that i could feel how you felt
when composing them.


ShannonN, Just found these very good, Like ya style, I have put none of My mussy ones on yet, but I might in the Future when I get brave enough.