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Soho Road toy and model shop


Phlogiston Consultant
Does anybody remember the brilliant toy shop that was on Soho Road in Handsworth around 1970? It was not far from the Grove Lane junction and the premises became, I think, Sketchley's the drycleaners; it was close to the 70/74/79 bus stop heading into town.

I have very faint memories and would be interested in finding out more.


Big Gee wrote this back in March 2020
"The shop was indeed for toys and models as well as sports goods. The 'Handsworth Sports House' and owned by the same chap who owned the sports and toy shop in Linton Square, Perry Barr. IIRC he lived in Grestone Avenue, Handsworth Wood. The Soho Road shop was an awful place, in need of a LOT of repair, but probably so were most premises along the Soho Road in those days."