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So proud...


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Katy, my youner daughter has mangaed to get a job at the last interview of the term and even better gained a 2:1 B. Ed degree, after 4 years hard work - even more special as she has a mild number dyslexia, but ha overcome it to teach KS1 and 2 pupils. So proud of her, when she did her GCSE's, she was looking at nursery nursing, but was persuaded by one of the teachers on her work experience to aim for teaching,and she's done it!!!


Sue how wonderful I know exactly how you feel well done Katy.
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It's truly heartwarming to hear of young people achieving so much. Many congrats Katy.From Viv.


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Only just seen this post but would like to add my congratulations to Katy and all the best to her in the future :star: