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Snook family


proper brummie kid
One branch of my family are Snook who originally came from Salisbury/Wiltshire but moved to Bham during the 1830's or 40's. Samuel Snook married Caroline Chinn in Salisbury on 19 Feb 1840 and had several children [George b1840, Alfred b1842, Eliza b1845, Charlotte b1847, Samuel b1848, and James] My direct ancestor is Matthew Martin Snook [sometimes called Mark] b13 March 1844 in Wiltshire. Would appreciate any information :)


true brummie
i presume this is your ancestor in 1871 living in little green lane aston but birthplace is shrewsbury not wiltshire. what info are you looking for on the snooks?

matthew m snook 27 fitter b. shrewsbury
emma 22 b. bham
james 3 b. bham
emily 1 b. bham


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I have checked the directories i have for Snoops, and for thje period 1862 - 1949 get the following . Note that the year given is the year directory is published, and probably refers to year before. Also, have transcribed what is written ie. if it said Snooks rather than snoo[ps that is what I've written. Am not too sure as to whether the Samuel Snoop of 1862 is the same as referred to in your post, as he would only be 14, but they did start early then !
1862 Samuel Snook, coal dealer,31 Stone yard, Deritend
1876 & 78 George Snook, furniture remover 39 Stone yard
1878 - 1883 Mark Snook, coal dealer, Victoria Road,Aston park
1880 -1888 George Snook, furniture remover, 7 Chapel house st
1883 Samuel Snook ,shopkeeper,Albion Rd, Sparkhill
1884 Samuel Snook, haulier, 79 Warwick St
1888 & 90 George Snook, thimble maker, Floodgate St
1888 ` Matthew Snook,beer retailer, 146 Berners St
1888 William Snook, Old Stone Cross Pub, 60 Dale end
1892 &1895 George Snook, Thimble and hair pin maker, Floodgate St
1892 Matthew Martin Snook,beer retailer, 21 New St, Aston new town
1892 George Snooks, private addr 195 Coventry Road
1892 - 1904 Isaiah Snooks, shopkeeper, 90 Greenway St
1895 George Snook, private addr 212 Green Lane
1896 - 1900 William Snook, private addr 110 Alston St
1896 – 1900 George Snooks, private addr St Mary’s Road,Stechford
1899 - 1921 George Snook & Co, Thimble and hair pin maker, Floodgate St
1899 & 1900 Mrs Harriette Snook,shopkeeper,139 Wilton st
1899 & 1900 George Henry Snooks, wardrobe dealer, 188 Icknield Port road
1904 George Snooks, private addr. 20 Abbotsford Road, sparkbrook
1904 James Snook, greengrocer, 20 Tower road
1908 George Snook, private addr.92 Gladstone road,Sparkbrook
1908 Herbert Edward Snook, 220 Mary st, Balsall Heath
1908 James Snook & Co, merchants, 20 Cannon St
1912 James Snook Private addr. 11 Dora road,smallheath
1912 Herbert Edward Snook, cab proprietor ,220 Mary st, Balsall Heath
1913 & 1921 Herbert Edward Snook private addr 11 Mossfield Road, Kingsheath
1913 - 1933 James Snook Private addr 94 Gladstone road.Sparkbrook
1921 Mrs Dorothy Snook, greengrocer,271 Icknield port road
1932 & 1933 George Snook, private addr.57 Addison road,kings Heath
1932& 1933 George William Snook, private addr. 24 Tennyson road smallheath
1932 & 1933 Mrs Lilian M Snook, private addr.1609 Stratford road hall green
1932 & 1933 Mrs Amy Snook, 11 mossfield road,kings heath
1932 & 1933 John Snook, coal dealer, 32 Regent Park road smallheath
1940 - 1949 Frederick Snook Private addr. 98 Corisande road, Selly oak
1940 - 1949 Harry Snook Private addr. 16 Corisande road, Selly oak
1940 -1944 Thomas Herbert Snook, Private addr 254Selly oak road,kings Norton
1940 - 1949 Walter Thomas Snook, private addr. 48 kingstanding road
1940 -1944 William Samuel,private addr, 62 Bankes road, small heath
1943 & 1944 Bert Snook, private addr. 58 Rymond road
1943 - 1949 Ernest Donald , private addr. 150 Green acres rd kings Norton
1943 - 1949 Isaiah Snook. private addr ,511 Kingstanding road
1944 Ernest Donald Snook.Private addr. 150 Green Acres Road, kings Norton
1949 Thomas Snook, Private addr . 352 Old Walsall road,Great Barr
1949 William Snook, Private addr.69 Hillaries Road erdington


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"1899 - 1921 George Snook & Co, Thimble and hair pin maker, Floodgate St"

This George Snook (1840-1923) was my maternal step-gt. grandfather. He married two Winchcombe-born Tovey sisters (but not simultaneously!) He appears elsewhere further up the list and was the son of Samuel, coal dealer.

I have an image of him from around the turn of the century.


G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Brummieland. I knew a Snooks family from Kingstanding around about 1981. The daughters name was Debbie. The mother died about 1985. Could part of the family you are researching. Jean.


gone but not forgotten
A Machine Tool Fitter Apprentice named Snook worked for me at BSA Tools, Kitts Green circa1953, i can`t remember his first name, i think his mother a Widow. Len.


proper brummie kid
thank you for the reply re George Snook b1840. I think he was the older brother of my ancestor who was Matthew Martin Snook [sometimes known as Mark?] and born 13 March 1844 died M1895. He married Emma Denston on 29/3/1868. they had 6 children and their eldest daughter [second child] married into the Morton family - which is the family I am researching

I will admit that I have not done a great deal of research on this side of the family although i did go down to Chippenham last summer and did some research at the Wiltshire & Swindon Family Centre [lovey research facilities] and think I managed to trace the family back another generation but am not really sure. On one census Matthew is down as born in Shrewsbury but the rest do seem to be Salisbury. I believe George was born in Salisbury when Samuel was an innkeeper. Carolines father was also an innkeeper in Salisbury - but I guess I am only telling you what you already know! I have put below the bits I found [and hope are correct!]
It would be brilliant to see any photos as I have none for this side of the family besides a couple of my grandparents in later years. I have never seen any other photos of this side of the family.

Samuel Snook - father = Martin Snook

Caroline Chinn [wife of Samuel] - father = Joseph Chinn and mother = Mary.


knowlegable brummie
George Snookes, born Maiden Bradley, Witshire, 1810, was my Gt Gt Gr Grandfather. He came to Birmingham around 1830. His son was George, born 1838 in Handsworth, then Staffordshire, whose son George, born 1859 in Handsworth, fathered my Grandmother Laura Snooks.

The name has been recorded inconsistently at various times and places in and around Birmingham and South Staffs as Snook, Snooks and Snookes.


proper brummie kid
Thank you for the reply. To be honest I am now getting somewhat confused re this family and am now beginning to doubt any research I have done. :rolleyes:

as you say the Snook family seem to have come from the Salisbury area and last year I went to do some research down in Wilts, but the Snook surname is not uncommon down there.

I know that my ancestor Samuel Snook married Caroline Chinn in 1840 in Salisbury [marriage certificate] and on the certificate it names their fathers. Research enabled me find out that both fathers were deceased when Samuel and Caroline married, although this is not indicated on the certificate. Samuel is my ggg grandfather.

Samuel's father = Martin Snook [occupation is unclear - could be farmer or farrier].

I found a will for a Martin Snook who mentions a son called Samuel and he is recorded as being a yeoman - but still not sure if this is the correct one. the will mentions other children and grandchild by name but there is no mention of a son called George

Samuel was a Innkeeper at the 'Butchers Arms' in the market place in Salisbury from 1836 to 1842. According to the 1851 census he was then living in Wolverhampton and by 1861 was in Aston.

any clarity would be gratefully received :)


proper brummie kid
thank you for replying re George [1840-1923]. I think I may have got the wrong information [there seems to be several George Snook's around!] my research came up with a George who married 1] a Mary Ann Strong S1865 and had 3 children William Samuel [1866], James [1868] and Eliza [1870]

wife 2 = Elizabeth Tovey D1877 and had 2 more children and 2 step children [Caroline and George Tovey].

However, now looking at dates etc these do not really add up. Help and advice would be very welcome


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George Snook (1840-1923) holds a special place in our family history even though there is no blood link. George married my great-grandmother as his second wife, and the sister of his first who had died at the age of about 37 in 1876, and with her acquired her son, my grandfather, whom he brought up. Later, when the latter's marriage failed in about 1903, he took in one of the daughters of that marriage, my mother, and brought her up from the age of about four. He was a good man.

In his own (pre-internet) genealogical research, my late brother did a little work on George and his family. I am not sure whether it does much more than repeat what you already know but I will transcribe it and post it here shortly.



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This is the transcription of my brother's writings. George finally lived in Station Road, Knowle and named his house, not surprisingly, "Salisbury".

GEORGE SNOOK (1840-1923)

George Snook was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and came with his parents and brothers to live in Birmingham, although not directly.

George's father was Samuel Snook, who had various occupations; and his mother was Caroline. Samuel had been born near Salisbury about 1812, and Caroline in Somerset according to the 1871 Census. The actual place of birth was illegible, but could have been Nailsea. George was evidently the eldest of the family, his parents having married early in the same year that he was born.

The Marriage Certificate reads:

"On 19 February 1840, at the Parish Church of St. Thomas in the City of Salisbury in the County of Wiltshire, Samuel Snook, Bachelor, of Full Age, Innholder, of St. Thomas, Sarum, son of Martin Snook, Fariner, was Married to Caroline Chinn, Spinster, of Full Age, daughter of Joseph Chinn, Innholder, by Licence, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by John Greenly."​

The Certificate was signed by both parties and witnessed by George Thomas Chinn, S. Snook, Joseph Batchelor and E. Chinn. All were literate.

The Birth Certificate of George Snook reads:
"On 27 November 1840, at St. Thomas, Salisbury, George, a Boy, son of Samuel Snook, Innkeeper, and Caroline, formerly Chinn. Registered by the Mother, of the Beast Market, Salisbury, on 30 December 1840, before William Sutton, Registrar for the District and Sub-District of Salisbury, in the County of Wiltshire."​

From the evidence of such records as are available, it seems that the Snooks left Salisbury in 1849-50, much the same time as the Toveys had left Winchcombe, but the Snook family apparently spent some years in Wolverhampton, and may not have reached Birmingham until the late 1850s. They were certainly there by 1861, as is evidenced by the Census listing taken in that year. I also detail the residual names taken from the 1871 Census, which shows differences in some of the birthplaces, and also that by then most of the family had left home.

Census of 1861
Ref. RG-9.2170 District 6 Schedule 23 Court 6 (?or 1) Stone Yard, Deritend, Birmingham Samuel Snooks (sic) Head, Marr: 48 yrs Coal Dealer Caroline " Wife " 50
George Son U/Marr 20 Horse Hair Curler
Martin " "16 Coal Dealer's Carter
Samuel " " "12 Scholar
James 10​
All were said to have been born in Salisbury, excepting
James, born Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

Census of 1871
1 Back of House, Stone Yard, Birmingham
Samuel Snook Head Marr 58 yrs Jobbing Cart Keeper
born Maidens Bridge, Wiltshire
Caroline Wife Marr 60 born Somerset (?Nailsea)
James Son U/Marr 19 Carter Born Wolv'hampton​
Both Stone Yard and Chapel House Street (mentioned later) are names of thoroughfares which still exist, and are near Rea Street, although there is now little or no residential property remaining, and the back-to-back housing was swept away years ago.

We have already examined the record of the marriage of George Snook and Mary Ann Tovey (see page 33) on 13..................​


proper brummie kid
Dear ChrisM,
thank you so much for this information - now back to the drawing board! Think that somewhere along the line I have got my 'George Snook's' mixed up. Unfortunately, I think may have some other research wrong as well - but I guess that is all part of the 'fun & games' of doing family history!!

have a good Bank Holiday.
Best Wishes


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Let me know if you think I might be able to help further, Brummieland. I have further information but it is more about George's later life and about the children from his first marriage (all of whom are distantly related to me because my grandfather and they were first cousins, being the offspring of two sisters). Good luck with it all.



master brummie
I have just discovered that Alfred Tovey who was married to Mary Ann were my Gt grandparent's on my mother's side. Alfred is recorded as a Manufacturer's clerk on the 1881 census. At that time he was 39 yrs old Mary Ann was 40yrs old. It say's that Alred came from Winchcombe, Gloucester. Mary Ann is registered as Warwickshire. Is there any more information on this family please. I believe they had 13 children who all survived.


Staff member
crikey maggs..thats a very large family...all the best with your research



New Member
I have just found this site.
I wonder if the following is the kind of information that you need. In the 1891 Census there is another(?) George SNOOK, a thimblemaker, who lived at 195, Coventry Rd who was born in SAlisbury (vol VIII, p383, 1840). I have not made the link back to my own predecessors but I suspect that it is around 1811 when my Great great grandfather Henry SNOOK had a brother, George.
Any comments greatly appreciated.

Philip Snook


master brummie
Re Alfred Tovey
He and his wife did indeed have 13 children!
Alfred C 1864,hadn't married by 1911
Edward 1866,(married Clara Elizabeth Onions 1888)
Edgar 1869,(married Emily Elizabeth Wheeler 1891)
Lydia 1870 (married Joshua James Warren 1894),
William 1871,(married Ada Hall 1892)
Florence 1873 (married William Bagnall 1895),
Laura 1875 (married James Stanfield 1897),
Ernest 1877,(married Elizabeth Hall 1897)
Grace 1879 (married William Heath 1897),
Harry 1881,(married Elizabeth Penzer 1901)
Cecil 1884,(married Elsie Powell Hunter 1907)
Arthur 1887,(married Mary Borman 1904)
Agnes Dora 1889(married Frederick James Meads 1906)


New Member
Do I presume it is Wesley whom I am addressing. Whatever, my research has been done at Chippenham and also via the Censuses (Censi) that are on various Genealogical websites. I'm busy, busy until July when my research will begin again. Will get back to you then. Yours Phil Snook