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master brummie
My grandfather (Alfred Smith)was down as having previously lived at back of 23 Camden Street somewhere around 1925-27...
and the other info I have
My Smith family lived at 14 Craddock Road in 1914 dont know what happened to them after that...

I have them at
1881 39 Grove Lane

1891 at 22 Cherrywood Road

1901 at 23 Vicarage Road

Samuel, Mary Ann, parents,

kids, Alfred(My grandad), Samuel, Jospeh..

Any connections anyone????


proper brummie kid
Tresario , my Grandfather Albert William Perry , Married Alice Smith in 1909 .Don't have any other details , as do not have the marriage cert yet . I think it may have been in the Handsworth or aston area .(needle in a haystack ) ? :confused2:

Good luck , Isobel


master brummie
thanks for that, funny enough my granny was called Alice! She wasnt born until 1901 so there isnt a connection..
Good luck with your search, these 'Smiths' are a nightmare to find arent they!

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Tresario I married a Smith and think you are brave trying to find someone with that very rare name.Ha HA. Know someone who did and ended going down the wrong path. My cousin has researched the Taplin line which was much easier. Never the less all the best. Jean.


master brummie
Tell me about it Jean...if you have a reasonably rare name, you can trust the info you look up, but when it's a Smith you end up having to buy certificates at £7 a throw to make sure!..it's not just the name but the counties were so different back then..like selly oak being Worcestershire, Harborne being Staffordshire..I meet myself coming back some days when I start working on it!! Thanks for the encouragement..Jean Smith you say...mmm lets see...!!