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Smethwick Spitfire


New Member
Would anyone have a picture of the Smethwick Spitfire they could share with me please? I am writing an article for our local heritage centre and would like to include a photo of the Smethwick Spitfire if possible. There was one on page 7 of the Spitfire thread but is not available now.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Lynsey Rutter

New Member
Hi Keith,

Would you be interested in sharing your information with us at Birmingham Museums? We are building a new exhibition about the Spitfire and aviation industry in Birmingham and would be really interested to see what you have found. Many Thanks,
Lynsey Rutter (nee Fairweather)
Participation Coordinator, Birmingham Museums Trust

T: NEW 0121 3488271
E: [email protected]
T: @LynseyFair
B: https://blog.thinktank.ac