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Small Heath FC 20th July 1904


master brummie
Is this the same ICARUS who attempted to escape from Crete by flight? Needless to say he failed...Yep, nothing new there....sounds just like a Villan to me...


Ancient Brummie
Beamish.... A Villa fan by birth, but with kids and grandkids who are true blue, my ST is at St Andrew's these days. Yep, frying pan and fire do come to mind. :)


master brummie
Wigan? Wigan? I thought they were a Rugby League side! Fancy losing at home to Wigan... BBC Report: "The Midlands outfit were a side with the lethargy of pre-season still heavy in their legs and they eventually buckled." Heigh Ho, back to normal. I reckon they're missing that youth with potential Bareth Garry...you remember him, went to that really BIG club. Mind you if Blues lose tomorrow at Old Trafford - which is highly unlikely - at least it will be to a real footballing team and not a Rugby League squad. . When I said Mr Delighted O'Neill would soon be leaving I meant because he'll be off to United, now it looks as though he could be sacked...May be they're waiting til September 13th...
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master brummie
I think Small Heath F C became Birmingham Football Club round about 1904-1005
It didn't become Birmingham City, till sometime in the 1940's.

I am trying to find out something about two football trophies connected with either my grandad or great grandad so Edwardian era. If anyone has any ideas on where these originated from please let me know ?, Could be connected to SMH.IMG_0081.2014-10-27_194516.jpg
Thanks, Tony