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Small Heath Cricket Club


Engineer Brummie
I have just been given a watch chain fob which belonged to my grandfather. On it are two crossed cricket bats, an inscription 'Presented to H Jukes Sec 1897', and on the reverse a shield bearing the letters SHC CC. As he lived in Small Heath at the time I guess that accounts for the SH, and obviously the CC is Cricket Club but does anyone know what the first C represents? Grandfather would have been 18 at the time so 'College' perhaps?


Engineer Brummie
Thanks for that information Colin. I had not seen that website before. I wonder if that Jukes was my great-grandfather - my grandfather was born in 1879 so having his father in the team would explain how he came to be secretary of the Club at the age of 18.



master brummie
My great grandfather R.A Dry was involved with Small Heath Congregational Church for about 20 years around 1890 to 1910 and my grandad won a prize book awarded by Alf Lemon the pastor in 1906. I don't know much about his church life but he used to live at 24 Lloyd Street, with his wife andbfamiky, old house now demolished.