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Sixteenth century london, probably like Birmingham


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Great little film Mike. I like the streets with the stalls set out. Similar to what we've seen in drawings of the medieval BullRing. Think there's also the old St. Paul's in there too, but of course it was also destroyed. Wish students/historians would make more of these sorts of reconstructions. Young people in schools would, I'm sure, enjoy the history of their localities much more. And who knows, maybe it would also encourage more efforts to safeguard our historic buildings. Viv.


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I like that, didn't notice old st paul's. Will have to have another look. Thanks.


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18th century Birmingham..


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Mike Not sure you got my new post re Pre fabs at 85 83 Moat lane Yardley, You said the Howells lived there in 1947 any record of their daughter June she would now be about my age 80yrs young? Thanks Mike John Crump Parker. Colorado USA