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Sir Stirling Moss


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RIP Sir Stirling Moss. Motoring icon.
How many motorists stopped by the police years ago for speeding heard the words'who do you think you are Stirling Moss'


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RIP. A great driver. I was watching , over the fence , at Goodwood when he had the crash. We wondered what had happened, and only found out later when we got home and heard the news on the radio


master brummie
Met him once at Leicester. His train was late (not mine, I'd just worked in and was changing platforms). I just tried to 'help this old geezer who was obviously frustrated about something'. Probably the fact that I was in a railway uniform (not the company he was travelling with) didn't help. He gave me a mouthful of abuse including 'Don't you know who I am!'. I still tried to help him though .. hey ho.

Great driver.

Rest in Peace Stirling