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Elmdon Boy

master brummie
I,m a blue nose, but still pay my respects to a very loyal club servant.
When he stood down as club chairman he did so with dignity, and still carried on supporting his club until quite recently sitting in the stands.
RIP Sir from all us Blue Noses.

A Sparks

master brummie
RIP Doug Ellis.
I met him once, my cousin was the architect of the Doug Ellis stand and the gift shop. Sadly he died at quite a young age and the after funeral get together for the family and friends was held in the Director's Suite at Villa Park.


master brummie
A Sparks.your cousin may have been the architect of the gift shop at Villa Park but when the Villa Supp Club in 59-60 asked Doug for a shop in the ground to sell scarves and such he said it would never take off .And those were his words.He soon changed his mind when he saw what Man Utd were doing.

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
A little story back in 75 ? Villa played in the cup final at Wembley Doug Ellis stopped in to have the levels checked in his Rolls Royce on the way to London the car got drive in to the work shop a few minutes later Mr Ellis walked up to his car looking to get a envelope out of it well it was not there it contained 4 tickets for the match to use a term the $#it hit the fan is a understatement they tore the place apart looking for the tickets everyone got searched never found that day Villa won so about Wednesday after the match he came back in with the cup sitting on the back seat of the Rolls in a black crate he got it out at let us run up and the work shop holding the cup like we won it keep in mind one of us had knicked 4 tickets from his car 5 days before but he said if Villa won he would come back with the cup and he did the tickets did show up sometime later they fell out from behind a water tank when someone flushed now in defense of the guys I worked with that is the only time I can remember something getting stolen from a car