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Showell's Crosswells Brewery

Edd Mather

New Member
Hi , I'm a brewer and brewing historian currently writing a book on old beers , and just got some information on Showell's , that members may be interested in !! , I'll upload the info tomorrow, It's a list of the beers that the Crosswells was turning out in 1885 with the original gravities , including a knock out juice at over 10%!! ( Special Stock Ale).
If any members have old brewing records or associated info I'd love to hear from you , and I'd be happy to convert records into homebrew recipies (where possible)
Edd Mather

Edd Mather

New Member
Hi All , I`ve attatched the list of beers from Showell`s from 1885 , I`ve not got round to converting these to a Homebrew format .......... yet !! , just in the middle of the Boddington`s section of the book at the moment , hopefully I`ll be able to include more than one brewery from the Birmingham area , and I`ll keep members updated on discoveries from the Brum area ,
Best Regards ,


master brummie
Have you been to the Brewery buildings at Langley?

Much has been destroyed by fire including the listed Maltings across the road and adjacent to the Titford Canal.

In fact Showells used to send their beer by boat to their wharf at the Crescent. The quality of the water used was considered a selling point.

Many years ago I noticed a memorial to the war dead in the entrance to the office buildings (now Alcohols).