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should dogs be put down when they bite

Discussion in 'Pets & Animals' started by Astonian, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi guys ; and dog lovers
    should a dog be put down if its bitten for the first ime ;there is a survey going on about this dog biteing as its on the increased ; my daughter
    was scarred when she was young in birmingham way back in the seventys ; i personaly do beleive they should what is your responce on this ;
    i know dog lovers will disagree but they saymy dog do not bite but there is always a first time ;; astonian
  2. ed smith

    ed smith master brummie

    Astonian given the right conditions all dogs will bite either through fear or defence of property or owner.We had 2 King Chrles Cavaliers and both were very placid but both when threatened,by other dogs stood their ground and bit the aggressor.A major problem is that certain owners are inadequate to own what could be a weapon if not trained right.But in answer to your question i too feel that dogs that bite should be put down unfortunately we cannot do the same to irresponsibleowners
  3. Zambodini

    Zambodini master brummie

    Nail on head. Let's have some tougher punishments for dog owners who do not control their pets.
  4. cookie273uk

    cookie273uk master brummie

    Sam_and_Anna_001.JPG Astonian, I am nearly 82 and have had dogs (and cats) on and off all my life an never have I had a nasty one. My present two (a german shepherd bitch and cross doberman dog) are both 13 years and getting towards the end of their lives, they came from a rescue home 10 and 11 years ago. The local kids love them because they are so friendly and I trust them implicitly. Its not the dog it is the owner that is the problem. If a dog is treated with kindness and is regularly walked (not left by itself all day) well fed and given lots of fuss (all dogs like a fuss) you will have no problem in my experience. Eric
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  5. Stitcher

    Stitcher master brummie

    Although we are petless now, we have in the past had a dog for many years, boxer, chow then another boxer. Never an ounce of trouble and I agree totally with Cookie.
  6. the silver fox

    the silver fox master brummie

    In nearly all cases the fault is with people; both owners and victims.
    The only real answer is to licence dog owners, not dogs, and have an endorsement/ban regime on the owner. If someone has a dog and neglects it's training and socialising, or uses it as a weapon, the totting up process would mean they couldn't have a licence and therefore also a dog.
    Should first-time biters be put down? Maybe we have an over sentimental attitude to this and of course we introduce ' justice' into the arguement; but if someone gets a nip because of some stupid or malicious act, even an uncontrolled or untrained child (parents' fault!!), it would seem irrational to kill the dog.
    Of course, dangerously out of control dogs, or when they are used as weapons, should be exterminated and their owners banned from ever owning another.
  7. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    I hear all that has been said I have been bitten twice once as a child by a friends Welsh Collie but this was a working dog and probably not used to children, I don't remember much. I was then bitten about 4 years ago by a German Sheppard that belonging to a client. Her partner invited me around the side entrance to the house. I saw the dog at the top of the garden and she looked at me and I knew so ran. The dog managed to grab my leg with it's teeth which was excruciatingly painful. Luckily the owner then got the dog under control. She was mortified as the dog had never done anything like this before. I told her to keep the dog under control as if it had been a child the outcome would be very different. She was so worried I was going to sue her. I told her as the skin wasn't broken I didn't need to go to hospital, I said I would not report the dog as long as she promised to keep it on a lead. I am nervous of dogs now but I do like them but would never own one but also I would never hurt one. I would never leave a child alone with a dog either. This is just my view from personal experience. I now ask all clients who have dogs to secure them when I visit.
  8. Rupert

    Rupert master brummie

    Rabies is always a fear from a dog bite so that after a bite a dog should be checked for it's inoculation records. Thats in Ontario anyway and maybe rabies is not a concern in the UK. Out of control breeders and puppy mills are more responsible for dog personality than dog owners I think and it is shocking what has been done to breeds and standards. Running away is hard not to do I know but at the same time it is also an enticement to dog's 'who thrill to the chase'. An owner is a major influence concerning a dog's nature and the dog regards the owner as the leader of it's pack...which includes the owner and family but, the results of traumas experienced in puppy mills are seldom capable of being eradicated completely. Socialising might help a bit. All dog owners should have a secure yard for their pet and walks should be conducted on leish I think...in the city anyway. Rupi is a nervous dog and not trusted without supervision but with those he knows, he is a bundle of fun. Actually he is 'high maintenance' on supervision and probably will be our last dog. A small pug can be challenging. They may be small but they are strong and hard with vice like little jaws. Pit Bulls are banned in Ontario thank goodness. Should a dog be put down for biting? The answer I think is it depends on the incident and history and severity. It's funny how this has become such a raging topic...it never was years ago...there are more such pets around now though. Should puppy mills be put down...yes, right away. Perhaps a complete review of the industry is past due.
  9. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    Hi wendy and edd
    its basically down to the owners and there inresponible attitude and these guys used these staffs as a trophy
    and of a gang status ; to walk around with ; its abit of the old macho attitude ; with these pitt bulls
    as edd as already stated its the owners ;
    my daughter when she was young as eight over at hawkesley estate when this estate first opened up she was playing inthe plat area when she was attacked by a small dog and bit her legs and scarred her whilst this dog was at her another dog joined in and he to also knawed at her we called the police and they went to the owners ; and the same old story ; the dog as never bitten before she told them
    the police said either you take and put the dog down or we will do it the dog was put down ;
    i have an old lady as a neibour very old and infirmed and we have another family whom are trouble some
    he keeps a big pitt bull [ giant ] and another dog as well ; this big pitt bit the old ladys back she was to frighened to report it
    because she was frighted by this guy whom is a bully as he threatened her if she did
  10. mw0njm

    mw0njm born and bred brummie

    i got atacked by a rockwiler he broke my arm. in the old car park of typhoo tea.he belonged to the bub across the road.
  11. Frothblower

    Frothblower Lubrication In Moderation

    I agree with silver fox. people should be tested and licensed to own a dog and taxed yearly ( like a car ) The owners could wear some kind of badge on their arm when walking a dog, to show they are is licensed. If a dog bites someone you loose points. If you amass, say 10 points you loose your licensed and your dog.Also all dogs should be chipped.
  12. paul stacey

    paul stacey master brummie

    I love all animals especially dogs, but I have to say that 'NO' dog should be in a public place without control, if the animal is, suspect to human or animal then it MUST be muzzeled at all times. The world has moved on now from my young days and it is totally unacceptable for any dog to act aggressively in anyway at all in public, and so is canine defecation anywhere there are children. If the dog attacks and causes injuries another dog or any other pet or human it should be destroyed. I know this is an emotive subject but the public must come first every time.
  13. Morturn

    Morturn master brummie

    I think it is a shame when animals suffer through human irresponsibility. Anyone can buy a dog, but not everyone takes the responsibility of caring for their dog, training it, and socialising it.

    A dog is a very sociable animal that will become what its owner wants it to be; this can be a loving, kind and loyal animal, which can serve for the good of humans, guide and assistance dogs for instance. Unfortunately they can be trained to be an aggressive weapon in the hands of an irresponsible person.

    As a dog owner, I think that all dogs should be registered, chippedand wear a collar with an identification tag at all times. I also think that all dog owners should be responsible for their dogs behaviour, registering their dogs, and updating this register if they sell or give the dog away to another owner. If there is an unfortunate incident, the owner can then be traced.

    On the question of 'should a dog be destroyed on a first bite' I believed that the police should take all of the circumstances into consideration. If it is an unprovoked savage attack, then yes, there have been some terrible dog attacks stories.

    I also believe that a dog is man's best friend, and as I would treat my best friend, I believe that a good friend deserves a secondchance when things go wrong, especially in the case of a single bite.

    I have heard recently a case of a person falsely accusing a dog owner of a dog attack, resulting in a healthy and innocent dog needlessly destroyed, as a way of getting at the owner.
  14. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    Although I am not a dog lover, we do ave a dog for hubby and son, but if he bit someone in anger, there would be no question, he would be put down.
    I too feel they should be licensed and regulated as they were previously and prospective owners should be screened - our greyhound was a rescue dog and the greyhound trust came to visit us at home before we were able to have him, also, my daughter has just had a beagle pup and the breeder visited their flat to make sure the situation would be suitable.
    A lot of the problems are from unloved and ill-treated dogs whose owners are also irresponsible, if this could be cracked the situation may not exist or not be such a frequent issue.
    Just as a matter of interest, I think owners need to think ver carefully about what dog they get, especially as they get older, we have at least 6 cases on our clinic currently, where the dog has pulled over the owner as they were too strong for them!
  15. paul stacey

    paul stacey master brummie

    Funny thing Sue down our Road, there is often a young girl about 12/13 yrs of age very polite young lady but with two huge Rottweiler's always well behaved but I have often thought that should one or both decide to go she would have no hope of stopping them.
  16. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    Same in our road too Paul, the family have a lovely chocolate lab, who is extremely friendly to other dogs and will take off to say hello, fine if dad has him, but they let the 2 girls aged 6 and 8 take him out - hubby had to pull him away from the unfriendly dog he had dragged the girls over too,no way they could control him. When he went back with the girls and dog, all mom said was "oh thanks, they need to hold him better!!!"He was still lost for words when he finished our dogs walk lol - but a potentially dangerous situation.
  17. davidfowler

    davidfowler Exiled Brummie

    Looking at society today I'd say that people should be licensed to have kids! Take a walk around most towns and see the single girls with little babies and who knows who are the the fathers!

    End of rant.
  18. maggieuk

    maggieuk The Fairybrain of Brum

    We always had German Shepherds till our last one died a few years ago ,Never had a problem till one day I fell out with a neighbour ..one really hot summers day she soaked our dog with the hosepipe .the dog was 10 at the time and had grown up with our children and thought this was a wonderful game ..so she jumped up to get to the water ..next thing we knew this women was shouting that the dog had bitten one of her daughters ..Tom rushed out and took the woman and the child to the hospital ..we were determined to put the dog down ..only to get to the hospital and find no bite at all ..I agree 100% with Cookie... it's down to the owners..
  19. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi maggie
    if i remember correctly and i actualy thought that years ago if i am correct that you did have to have a dog licence to own a dog
    and i thought it was about four shilling and six pence in old money and so i can take it that the old licence routine as gone out of the window so to speak
    meaning that it was scrapped ; just also to cap that after all these years the goveerment have manage to keep the fishing licence which is expensive today considering what it was years ago ; i know they still have to have a fishing licence , because i have a friend and neibour whom is the water baliffif out hear in worcestershire ; i was only speaking to him the other day about getting the licence for fishing he told me the price and said wait until april you will save money ;
    also on he subject of licences what about the licence for radios ; does that still stand or as that gone out of the window ;
    but getting back on track maggs ; yes they should bring back the dogs licence and tagg them and put a high price on them for incidences of what we have been talking about of being attacked ; and prevent these moorons from having any dog to keep there are alot of good dog keepers whom look after there dogs and love them alot of dogs are like humans yes bring back that liceneing fee i say i know it could be hard for pensioners but it must stop the moorons from walking around our streets and city parading around with the macho image of the dog on a heavvy chain ;
    i want to thank all members for there good comments ;
    have a nice day every body best wishes astonian ;; alan ;;
  20. Bernard67Arnold

    Bernard67Arnold master brummie

    Did you hear about the Paddy who bought a black and white dog
    because he thought the license would be cheaper!! Bernard

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