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Short & TRUE Story

John Young

master brummie
8) Last night had just finished painting the bedroom wall so thought a cold tinnie would be nice :!:
Aarrgh the Fridge is empty,, Quickly shot round to local off license & grabbed 6 pack from chiller
,,,,, Then at the counter,, I got Chatted up by a BLOKE :roll:

He said " Oooh you look rugged (I looked a right state),, I like rugged Men"
:shock: Wow,, I said,, "Have you got a Death wish ya Nutter" :twisted: Put down my Beer cans then leaned over the counter to give him a punch in the mouth,, He quickly jumped back shouting,,

"Oh I,m sorry, I thought you was,,, with Us,,,, well Y,know Your Nail Varnish" :!:
:idea: Well I looked at my hands & some of my finger nails Had got a Lovely Pale Lilac painted On

:oops: Flippin heck,, That EMULSION Paint (Her Choice :roll: ) Ooooh dear

So,,, I quickly calmed down, paid for my beers,,said sorry mate (Gruffly) & shot outside,,
I can remember him Tut Tutting & saying "oooh, what a shame", :oops: :lol: John


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D ...and you a rugby man an'all... Must be all them rugged scrums... hold on to each others B....ms
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Chris :)


gone but not forgotten
Anybody can make a mistake... But if you're going to be like that, don't come into my off licence again. :?

John Young

master brummie

8) Ooooh Di :) Steady the Buffs,,, Just call me BOND :roll:

Brooke Bond,,,, more tea Vicar,,, Pass the Lady a cuppa,, Cheers Di xx :oops:


master brummie
You sure it was the nail polish JY?..........Paul said that your frock was a little on the 'loud' side :roll: