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Shops in Newtown Row Near 289


Great Russell St
Used to get off the 108 or 109 in Newtown Row so I could look at the photo's of the semi naked ladies in the Hip when they went through the "revue" stage. Then they changed to wrestling I think. (Not the ladies)


proper brummie kid
Hi Chocks 2, just seen this post. I need to check my tree, but I am pretty sure that my in-laws are connected with your Rylands. They are descended from George Ryland.

Have got a tree on GR



proper brummie kid
I have now checked my tree and 1861 Census. Benjamin and John Ryland were the brothers of George Ryland.
My son is descended from George Ryland. Have got some more family tree details if you are interested.

I found out yesterday that I have distant relatives who owned a butchers on Newtown Row. This info came from the 1861 census (Bit before the time you are all refering too) Their names were Benjamin & John Ryland and their shop was at 262 Newtown Row.
I have no other Information regarding them or the shop but I have found a reference to a street called Alexander Place in the Parish of St George. Presumably long gone and replaced by the Post Office. Can anyone expand on this info?


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
289 close to the end of Newtown Row & the Start of High Street Aston if that will help.

I was born 6/289 St Stephens Place Newtown Row