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Ship engine factory help needed!


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Hi all, wondering if anybody could possibly help! My Nan told me that during the war her dad (my great grandad, Albert Palmer) worked in a factory building engines for ships. Any ideas where that could have been or any other information? He lived in hay mills small Heath.
Thanks in advance, Jay Garbo


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There is this thread, which contains the link Chris has given. It mainly mentions people who worked there.


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It might be useful to check the 1939 Register for Albert Palmer, if nothing else to be sure that his actual occupation agrees with his daughter's memory.


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There are 94 Albert PALMERs in Birmingham in 1939, so a year of birth or a the street where he was living would be a help.

Maurice :cool:


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In 1939, he was living in Deakins Road with Florence C Palmer and his occupation was Setter Operator of a Ward Combination Turret Lathe. He was also in the Auxilliary Fire Service, but unfortunately his serfvice number is clipped off the image. His wife was formerly a Sewing Machinist. No employer is listed, but this is normal.

ChrisM's suggestion of Bellis & Morcom is a good one and in one of the many Ladywood books is an advertisement showing one of Archdale's drilling machines being used on a Bellis & Morcom marine engine, if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can dig it out and post it here.

Maurice :)