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Sheldon Bombing

Bills Lad

Brummie babby
Robert. A fine memory there. Eating out in the Red Rooster was a bit like dining in a junk shop, always something to catch your eye. Smashing grub though.
We left Common Lane in 2006, now in Droitwich, Worcs. It has the small town atmosphere that Sheldon left behind (IMO).


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Thanks Chris.
.........Is there an introduction forum / post? I'll flesh out my background and family history...............
We do not have an "Introducing Myself" section, Mark, but new members have in the past used the "General Discussion" section to do this. It is a good idea to do it and existing members welcome it.

Thereafter, as you will have noticed, there are many specialised areas of the Forum for you to choose from, depending on what particular subject you want to raise. Before starting a new thread it is always a good idea to check in the Search box to ensure that there is not already a suitable, existing thread.

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Ian Leggett

master brummie
On the subject of Common Lane Sheldon, do you remember the shop part way along amongst the flat roof houses. Any idea what it was called. Regards Ian.


master brummie
Hi Ian I cant remember a shop on the flat roof houses side of Common Lane but there was a shop on the bungalow side just down from Keeble grove. A small bald headed chap ran it, I think it closed in the mid to late 60s.

Ian Leggett

master brummie
Hi Robert, Yes of course (memory lapse, was a long time ago) he flat roofs were on the left from Church Road and the shop was in the bungalow. In one of my former threads I mentioned the shops at Cranes Park Road/Church Road, Woodfields, Hodriens, Moyle and Adams,Jones and Moseley, probably you remember them also. Regards Ian.


master brummie
Ian and Robert, as you are talking of Common Lane, I thought I would post this photo of the prefabs on Common Lane. This photo was taken at the junction with Church Road.

Neville Philpott

Yes, it was Woodroffe's i'm sure, what was the name of the shop right on the corner which had two doors for access?

i thought that was an ironmongers on one side and was it a confectioners on the other, could that have been Woodroffe's?

The shop in the middle of the row was only a newsagents in recent years, eg: Morgam news etc.

Can't remember what that used to be before...

Hodriens was a greengrocers if i remember rightly, son John and i were classmates at Mapledene in the mid 1950's.

brummie nick

master brummie
In the 1968 Kellys its Beal butcher , Woodroffe hardware, Woodroffe hairdresser, Thortons Green grocer, Rowberry Newsagent, and Savage shoe repairer.


Ian Leggett

master brummie
The shop in the middle to the right in the 1950,s was Moyle and Adams, grocers. One in the middle to the left was a butchers, was it Hubbards. The photo makes the corner of Common Lane look pretty smart. Regards Ian.


master brummie
It was pretty smart Ian i lived in one of those prefabs lol the shops at the junction of Church rd and Cranes Park rd in the 60s were a wool shop, Westons chemist a ladies hairdresser Beals butchers Woodroffs sweet shop nextdoor was woodroffs hardware and groceries and upstairs a gents hairdressers, then a greengrocers, a newsagents and the last shop was spit in two one half a shoe repairers the other half sold fire grates coal buckets ect.


master brummie
You're welcome Robert. So pleased that it showed your old home.
This is how it looked on that corner, before the prefabs. This was part of Moat Farm, in 1936. The house you can see, in the background, is now the Common Lane convenience store.
Moat Farm Common Lane Sheldon 1936.jpg


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The name of the shop was Johnsons they were still trading in the late 60s, they also had a shop on the Radleys.


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What a fascinating thread. Lots of subjects that have jogged my memories. I moved into Greenvale Avenue with my parents in 1952 and lived there until I married in 1970.
I have no recollection of anyone talking about bombs being dropped in Parkdale Rd or Silvermere Rd but as children we played in the "Conker Dell" a large depression at the top of King George V playing fields which was reputedly caused by bombing during the war.
Silvermere School was then a senior school and I went to Mapledene Rd infants and juniors but the teachers mentioned, Mr Barlow, Mrs Onions (pronounced OhNyons and not onions!) were still teaching at Mapledene when I left.
I can remember the shops at both ends of Cranes Park Rd. At the 60 bus terminus end were the newsagents, Adams and then Goodes, a wool shop/haberdashers, a grocery shop, a butcher (later taken over by Frank FitzMaurice who was in the same year as me at Mapledene) and Peters fish and chip shop later to become an ironmongers run by Wally Goode from the newsagents. At the other end, near to Church Rd was a shoe repairers, Savages I seem to remember, Hodriens the Greengrocers, Woodroffes, an ironmongers and sweetshop combined, a wool/baby shop, and a chemists. There may also have been a hairdressers shop but I can't be sure.
I remember one of the contributers to this thread, Neville Phillpot. He lived in the flats just up from my best friend, David Gray in Silvermere Rd.
Wonderful memories of a wonderful childhood.


master brummie
Not sure if this is the right place for this as it covers more than one topic re Silvermere R0ad school.
My Mom lived in Cranes Park Road ( Peggy Harris). She was at Silvermere around 1940, before Mapledene was built (1950). Never went to to Sivermere but remember going to an open day with my Mom in the early 1960s and her telling me of an unexploded bomb that got lodged in the stair railings between first and second floors. I remember viewing a staircase from the outside, which was facing Parkdale Road, which I assume had not been been fully built up at the time of the bombing? The attached street map shows where I think I remember my Mom explaining where the bomb had lodged.
My Moms younger brother later attended Silvermere (Michael Harris) though he was 13 years younger than my Mom - this would have been in the 50's - probable class mate around this time was Diane Burton from Whitecroft Road, Michael Mann Normanton Avenue, Peter Green Cranes Park Road

Odd coincidence, my dad took movie film in Elmdon Park in winter 1963 and my Mom recognised a lady on skis as being her old gymn teacher from Silvermere - still to copy film and upload :)


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