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Sharvin/ Crowle Ellis. Woodville mother and baby home 1945


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some information on my mothers time at the Woodville mother and baby home. I was born there in July 1945. My mother Martha Sharvin is from the north East of England, was working in Birmingham and kept me after I was born and took me back north. A wonderful strong woman. As I reflect on my life I am remembering stories my mother and other members of the family told me. I might have been a twin and I might have a different father than who I was told (there is no father on the birth cert.) Crowle Ellis is the name that has been hinted. Even if I just find out about my mothers experience at the home I would be greatful


master brummie
There is only one Sharvin registered in Bham in 1945, which I'm assuming is yourself. I would expect that it you did have a twin he/she would also have been registered as Sharvin, even if they were given up for adoption.

You also seem to have been registered as Ellison with the mmn Sharvin, which seems to relate to a re-registration in 1950. Is that to do with a subsequent marriage of your mother?