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See Birmingham by Post Card


master brummie
Surely the Post Office factory in Fordrough Lane?
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Thanks, you're right it is the Post Office Factory Fordrough Lane and now I know I see we have an old thread about it ... :)
I'll add the pic to the other thread.
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master brummie
Rural Yardley, view from what is now Queens Road? The topography doesn't look right, but then the foreground verticals don't agree with the background verticals (church spire) either!


master brummie
Just spent a pleasant hour looking through this thread and a couple of photos of the market hall reminded me of the time, when i was 3 or 4, of that market, with no roof. I was taken there every week with mom and allowed to sit on the bomb, i usually had a penny to put in the brass slot on top. I was always told not to fidget in case it went off!
Was the place bombed? And where did the bomb come from? Any information on here?


Ex-pat Brummie

There's tons on here - just use Search Forum at the top of the page and put Market Hall and tick the Titles only box.



master brummie
Have a read here


master brummie
Have a read here
Thanks! Looked and found a photo of the bomb. What an amazing facility this forum is.
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Bob Davis

Bob Davis
Four views, two pre WWII and two modern, well after WWII. The one of Colmore Row was published by Valentines and the number on it indicates it was published in 1927, which would explain the 26 on it as being photographed in 1926, however it was not postally used until 1938, written in French and sent to Brussels. The writer was staying with the Tailby's who lived in the flat where the arrow points. Interestingly that the other black and white card is Birmingham library No 6, I wonder ow many they issued. Unfortunately nothing rare or historically interesting, but just run of the mill, however if there is a collector who might be interested, please ask, they are there for the taking. Interestingly again the bus is of the type currently subject of an ongoing theme. I will leave it to the experts to enlarge, straighten, put them in focus and etc. Again if anyone can enlarge the one with the bus on Colmore Row sufficient to get the rout number and the registration number..........just as



master brummie
Its too blurred & pixellated to see clearly - the original or a better scan might be better - but I think the route shown is "PORTLAND ROAD 7". The bus is one of the 1930/1 AEC Regents, and Colmore Row is one way so its post 1933.


master brummie
I thought possibly PORTLAND ROAD 7 but I am slightly more inclined to thinking RIDGACRE ROAD 3 which predated the 3A now the 24


Staff member
just noticed the photo of villa st on post 1955 and a view i know so well as i lived in this street from 58 to 72...when i was there the little shop on the left was eileens the drapers..just up from there on the same side you can see a white wall sticking out which was the vine inn you can just see the 2 pub lamps..just a couple of houses down from the vine on the other side of the street you can just catch a tiny glimpse of my house at 118...i have got 2 or 3 of this shot..one of them is very sharp..when i started my search for photos about 12 years ago this was the very first one in my collection which was sent to me by phil...happy days