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Searching for information, maps and photographs of A J Norton & Sons

My grandfather Ernest Norton was a partner in the firm of A J Norton and Sons Ltd. They were drapers who also sold clothing and furniture. The family firm began at a shop in Key Hill in 1851. They took over the Moor Street warehouse in 1907. In the early 1960s the Key Hill store was closed down after a compulsory purchase to build the Middleway. In 1964 the Moor Street Warehouse closed. Business had been strangled by the new Queensway and the difficulties encountered by shoppers in accessing the store. The firm moved to Perry Barr but closed down a few years later. The partners (Norton cousins) were 'dispersed' aka made redundant and went and found other jobs in the Birmingham area. The firm's slogan was By Way Value.
It seems the Key Hill store is under the roundabout on the Icknield Street/Lodge Road/Key Hill Junction. I am having problems finding the Moor Street Warehouse location. According to the Birmingham Post the store was burnt down by 'Beatniks' in 1965.
The family firm was a classic story of rags to riches and back to rags in three generations.
I am interest in any stories, photographs and maps.
Thanks for reading this!


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Welcome to the forum. To start you off. There’s a thread here about the Key Hill drapers. And there’s a thread about Moor Street Warehouse. Both links below. Viv.



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