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Search for Way Down Summer Lane - urgent request


master brummie
I have just had this request from a computer engineer - can anyone help please:
I have just been contacted by a gentleman called Lee, who was considering spending £395+VAT on data recovery, (a service we provide), to retrieve a file he has lost on his computer. That file is an MP3 of a song called ‘Way Down Summer Lane”.

Lee’s father passed away at the weekend and he wants to play this song at the funeral. I have tried desperately to find a copy of it online, but to no avail. Lee did mention that it was something to do with you – so I offered to help.

Is there any way I could get a copy of the song to Lee, (or perhaps you could send it to him directly?) I think he is happy to pay – he was happy to contact us and was considering paying our fees – but under the circumstances, that wouldn’t be appropriate, nor the right thing to do.

All the links online seem to point to your website, so my only thought of a way to help him was to ask you two directly?

If you are able to assist, then many, many thanks. If not, not to worry, I did what I said and tried to help.

All the best,



master brummie
Odd, this. The best reference to the song online is just the lyrics at https://www.astonbrook-through-astonmanor.co.uk/newsummerlane/poem.html No mention of a recording. If you have a recording,it isn't too difficult to convert it to mp3 and email it to whoever wants it. Either rip it from CD or play it into a digital recorder or a program on your computer. The usual media player will rip a track from CD quite easily. If you need a recorder on a PC Audacity is free.
If someone knows the tune at the funeral, it could be that they just need the lyrics and someone could sing it.


Staff member
hi michael i also have the song and i would have been happy to send it to you but tom on post 4 has already offered..so kind of you tom for such an important occassion...


Brummie babby
I found the words.

Way Down Summer Lane About the song called “Way down Summer Lane”. My husband told me it was composed by Bert Mallet who lived in Brearley Street. It was Bert who taught it to me and I took it for granted it was his song. Not many people know the verses to it, so here goes;

Way Down Summer Lane
Now if you’re friends from the country for a day or two,
Take them round the town all the sights to view.
First in Cutler’s for a drink you’ll call, you show
Then the fountain and the Old Town Hall.
Then along Colmore Row, the car you can catch,
To see the Water Melons on the old Black Patch.
But there’s one sight you must not miss.
Before your friends say goodbye, just mention this.
You ought to see the palm trees swaying way down Summer Lane.
Every Saturday night there’s a jubilation
Hear the Birdies singing in The Salutation
Though there’s snow in Snow Hill,
You’ve cause to take the train.
To your southern home where the weather is warm
It’s always summer in Summer Lane
Now you keep on sighing for your Dad and Mam
Your Mason Dixie Line and your alabam.
You say you’ve heard your Tennesse call,
Yet you never saw Tennesse at all.
And your songs from Mandy Land have been done Brown
So let’s have a song about your home town.

We sang this song always if we went on a trip, on coach or train. When we were older and went in “The Little Bull” on the corner of New Summer Street and Summer Lane, or the ‘Barrel’ on the corner of Tower Street. We used to sing ‘Carlo Musseltoff’ which became more popular as a pub song than ‘Way Down Summer Lane’. But if Summer Lane is remembered in later years, as such as Nellie Dean, by lots of us.