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School visits to Cinemas

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
The Ballet.

:blush: I went to Manor park girls school and our headmistress Miss Plant thought we aught to be introduced to the theatre and ballet. I won't go into too much detail just use your imagination but when the men came on the stage a girl who's name I won't mention started to laugh. After that it became contageous and we were all in histerics. We were frogmarched out by Mrs Patrick and were we in for it in assembly the next morning. I still chuckle when I think about it. I think Patty was there that day. Bye. Jean.:blush:

Chris B

master brummie
school cinema visits

We were taken to the West End to see The Ten Commandments, that was great, and when we got back to school we were asked questions on the film, I think the teacher referred to Queen Nefeteri (Anne Baxter) as the local court crumpet for some reason which we all thought was a hoot.
Regards Chris B


knowlegable brummie
We were also taken to see Ascent of Everest at the Astoria in aston. we were at Charles Arthur street secondary modern ( later Nechells Park secondary school) Happy days :)


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Another on we saw was Scott of the Antarctic John Mills

If our Teacher spoke about Court Crumpet we would have thought he was on about Piklets :rolleyes:


master brummie
I remember going to see El Cid at the Bristol rd cinema with my school Lea Mason [Edgbaston].Hated the film then and now, it was gruesome. Mary


master brummie
As its the 60th anniversary for climbing Everest, I can remember going from my school (All Saints) to the Palladium in Hockley to see it. Even though it was 60 years I can still remember sitting on the left handside in the stalls.


master brummie
I was at Whittington Oval School for distressed gentlefolk. The one and only outing we had was to the Beaufort to see "the Coronation". My only recollection is climbing the stairs of the bus on all fours. (Something I didn't repeat until I was introduced to alcohol). The only thing I remember about the film was that it was in "Techicolor". But I do now have it on VHS.


master brummie
taken from canterbury cross to the odeon to see reach for thhe sky, kenneth more, have never flown since.


master brummie
The Song Of Bernadette - was it something every good (or may be bad) catholic girl should see ? Whatever message it was supposed to convey, I didn`t get it. Say no more !


master brummie
i remember going with my school Gunter Road to a cinema on the Tyburn Road to see a coloured film of the Coronation.Was that really 60 years ago?

Neville Philpott

Went to see West side story as part of an english project...


master brummie
Whilst serving my sentence At Hartfield Crescent School we were taken to see The Taming of the Shrew at The Warwick cinema in Acocks Green.
To use the modern vernacular "that's an afternoon I'll never get back"