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Sarah Hughes. 1867. census 1871


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys I am researching a Sarah Hughes formerly brueton whom was living in. Number 3 court. Upper hospital street
Birmingham. In 1867 and I am presuming they would be on the 1871 census for that period
There was a child registered there at the registration office on 24. May. 1867
The child was a Mary. Ann. Hughes and according to a record I have is that her mother could not write
So upon registering the child her signature was a cross. X, so she could have not write herself I take
I am very interested to find out where she came from that being her mother and the father was a john Hughes
It states that john Hughes was a brass caster journeyman any ideas please as. To what that entails and I really after to know where did her mother came from
As I am intrigued to find out was her mother married before as I did read many years ago that there was a Sarah Hughes belonging to a lady named banning
Whom lived in stoke prior and according to the central Liberian many years ago at the liberty told me this lady banning and her children
Was a kept lady because it was a very large house in those days
It is a very big part of my jigsaw about this family so was Breton a ex marriage or what
I would really appreciate any infomatoion as to where either the mother Sarah Breton or john Hughes came from
It may be possible either one or the other came from stoke prior around that period of the 1869 period

Many thanks again for any help given best wishes astonian,,,,,,Alan,,,,,