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Sarah Bridgen


master brummie
So it does seem that Edward Johnson & Sarah Bridgen were cousins.

Edward's father - Thomas - and Sarah's mother - Sarah - were brother and sister, the children of another Edward and Sarah Johnson.

On the 1871 census the occupation of Edward Johnson b1823 was also gun barrel browning.
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master brummie
Hi everyone, What a pity this site does not have a star rating system like the commercial world does where they ask you to rate them on services provided. If so I would be rating at the top. When I started this thread I never expected to come anywhere near the info. received. I have found out so much about my family history it is unbelievable. I only have one living relative left now, which is a niece living in Birmingham. I shall be calling her as not sure if somewhere along the line either she or one of the family have looked into our family history.
I have found the photos and census details most fascinating. So again folks, thanks for all the effort you have put into this for me
Incidently, as far as the pic of the house in London, I have earlier tried to find the estate agents in London selling the house just to see how much they are selling for now but have to decipher the sale board first. the other thing I find interesting is that looking at the map it is off the Harrow Road where my aunt Gertie lived.


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neville have i got this right that your mom was elsie johnson if so what was her date of birth and did she have a middle name



master brummie
The estate agents are Douglas and Gordon but there is no date on the street view so it could have been for sale a while ago.


master brummie
Hi Lyn. Mom was just Elsie Johnson with no middle name. DOB 19 10 1887.
Thanks for info Janice, I'll look later. As you say could be old photo


master brummie
Just looked at similar properties in area and going for 1.25 million. Wonder how much they were in early 1900s?