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Saltley & Alum Rock


proper brummie kid
This says Pretoria Road Saltley, I've always thought it was Boredesley Green.
Pretoria road was in bordesley green that is where my now to be wife was born i remember walking her home after a night at the country girl pub it was so nice in those days


The buck stops here
Staff member
my first real girl friend lived in Pretoria rd., her name was Janet Thompson...


master brummie
Washwood Heath Road, not technically Saltley or Alum rock, but near enough!
I remember my sister lodging at Mrs Hobbs right at the top of the road, on the left, near to the shops. I was walking up here on a visit and I heard a very harrassed sounding woman shouting from a house on the right "Tek ya foot outta the teapot"! Still makes me giggle!! Mrs Hobbs house is still standing, although now boarded up!!


Brummie babby
Any more pictures of Hall road, i think my house is just missed from the left corner of the pic


Brummie babby
Hi All,

Great forum, very nice old photos of Saltley,

I was in saltley not long ago buying some fabrics, in a place called www.fabricuk.com it was quite difficult trying to get into the car park, due to all the new road layout of Saltley High Street & Saltley Road, I got talking to the owner he showed me pictures of what his place looked like in 1955. here it is Then and now.



2005 (Before a fire in 2007 which destroyed the whole fabric warehouse)

Current to date

I see there is some editing in the pictures, there is and old derelict Flour mill behind this building, it is still standing I have a picture of that which i can upload if anyone wants to see it.


Ex-pat Brummie

Welcome to the Forum and many thanks for posting those pictures. Yes, please post any pictures that you have of old buildings, preferably with a date if known. This helps some of our very knowledgeable members when researching places and people, which they willingly do and free of charge.



Gone, but not forgotten.
Hi Hermanw

You don't really realise just how much it has changed, it is hardly recognisable and if it wasn't for the old brewery building in the background and the location of Saltley Viaduct then it would be much harder.

Nechells Place.jpg


master brummie
Looking at the lower photos, two things catch my eye. One, the gas holder and existing building at the time, have gone and presumably the crowd, watching the lorry, are protesters during the miners strike in the era of the notorious three day week.
The present date photo shows the ubiquitous tin shed structures. Nowhere seems immune to them.


Brummie babby
Top right shows the road layout with the bus at the junction, as it was back in the days, this was part of the main route of the no8 bus, the junction and road layout has now been replaced by a large roundabout and the heartlands spine road, which explains why I had to drive around the block to find the entrance into the fabric warehouse car park, the former Mobil petrol station and car workshop,


master brummie
Hello all,
I'm looking for a photo of the junction of Washwood Heath Road & Leigh Road before the petrol station was there, so before 1970 ish?

Thanks in anticipation!!