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Saint Mary's church Warwick


master brummie
Pedrocut, the painting was painted from a pic the buyer provided which she had taken herself, although I have seen the church myself a few times (not in the rain though). The building on the left is a Post Office which in hindsight I think is slightly intrusive but the buyer was happy and that's all that matters to me
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master brummie
Historical church. Still described as a Collegiate Church although the college was dissolved in 1546. The church was founded in 1123 but there is evidence of a minster church in Warwick in Anglo Saxon times

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Lovely painting as usual Eric. It took me back to the weekends we used to spend in Warwick when the Folk Festival was on. Always around this time of year and held on the playing fields at Myton School.


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Eric, love the painting, you have captured the atmosphere of a wet day perfectly. I love the reflections, very nicely done.


OldBrit in Exile
Rode my bike manymant times to Warwick castle we would take Cov Rd to Stonebridge then through the ford on the way to Kenilworth then on to Warwick, happy days fun rides.