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Safe Company in Birmingham - Empire


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Hi, I have just registered on your site to basically ask anyone on here a question, I’m not actually from Birmingham, I’m from Burnley in Lancashire, but I came across a brass nameplate many years ago, and I’ve just come across it again in my attic, it’s oval shaped, approx 8 inches or so long, and has a coat of arms in the middle with the word “ Forward “ underneath it, but I was interested in the history of it, so I registered on your site because it was mentioned when I googled the name, so if anyone could tell me anything about it, I would be. Very grateful, thank you.


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There is a thread about this company. Maybe some information is there.


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Actually, if you go to the head of the thread, the title is a misnomer , as the safe referred to is of a different company., and the poster made a mistake in the name, which should have been the Empire Safe company. I have now corrected the title