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Rubery Hill Asylum/hospital


Tim Miles

My wife's grandmother spent most of her adult life as a patient at Ruberry Hill Asylum having contracted sleeping sickness while working at cadburys in early 1920's. She died in the hospital in 1965. How do I find records of her and is it possible that she was buried in the hospital cemetry if there was one?


The Fairybrain of Brum
Hi Tim:)
I live just down the road from Rubery Hill Hospital (as was) I know that some of the people who died there were buried in the hospital grounds.couldn't say where the records would be but i am sure someone on the forum will be able to help you..good luck


master brummie
Someone I'm researching was resident at '1959A Bristol Road South, Rubery' at the time of their death - can anyone confirm that this address was Rubery Hill Hospital please? - he did have dementia, it was one of the causes of death.



I think Birmingham Archives may hold the records for the hospital, but due to the 100 year closure ruling you would have to get special dispensation from the Area Health Authority to view them.

If you contact the Archives - if they do hold the records then I am sure you will find the staff most helpful and will more than likely advise which records to view and also help you fill out the paperwork.



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In 1964 1897 is the last listed no, and then there is the telephone exchange and then rubery hill hospital (unnumbered). so I think your assumption is correct

Tim Miles

Update: I have now found out that my wife's grandmother, Phyllis Jones, died at 283 Lodge Road, Winson Green and not at Rubery Hill as I previously thought. She had been a patient at Rubery Hill but was transfered at some time before her death. I think Winson Green was a hospital or home for people with mental problems. Can anyone confirm the name of the institution and any other information please?


master brummie
Here's a map showing All Saints Asylum, Lodge Road, behind Winson Green prison.


proper brummie kid
Hello all! Apologies for cross posting here - but I am a new user and have a query which relates to this Victorian Asylum which also falls under research. I have therefore copied and pasted my post, as follows:

Hello everyone, I am a new member and would massively appreciate your help and guidance. I am a ‘mature’ student and am currently doing a MA degree on the Victorian period. My dissertation is going to focus on Rubery Hill Hospital; a Victorian Lunatic Asylum which was based just outside central Birmingham and opened on the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] January 1882. It opened because the Birmingham Asylum was suffering from overcrowding and required another site. By the time this asylum was opened, asylums were more regulated and a certain level of care was expected. The asylum could accommodate 600 plus patients and its facilities included outdoor facilities so that patients could take exercise, farm, and garden. In addition, patients were able to go to Church and to the theatre.

Having not researched archives before I am finding things a tad tricky. I aim to create a number of ‘patient narratives’ which present medical history from ‘below’ and give the patient’s side of the story. Also interested in looking at medical history from ‘above’ so staff accounts etc. The archives are certainly plentiful for this asylum, but lacking in things like photographs etc. which I feel bring this sort of work to life!

I would be interested in any advice and guidance from you. I would certainly be interested in hearing from you if you have
- Done any asylum based archival research before and can offer guidance
- Have any information or can sign-post for the Rubery hospital
- Have any relatives (or rather, had) who were either confined in this asylum or worked for this asylum. It would be awesome if anyone had photos or letters of a relative who used to be a patient and would be prepared to let me use the information they have. I would include relevant documents in my dissertation (which I would love to turn into a chapter in a book at some stage). I would track your friend/relative in the archives and create a narrative for them, which I would of course provide you with afterwards.

My dissertation will be available publically on the universities website, so please bear this in mind if you do have anything you would consider passing to me. I will take copies and send you originals back, or you could email me copies? I am a student so cannot offer you a financial incentive for your help, but I will be eternally grateful and would give you a copy of my dissertation afterwards (or at least the relevant part) so that you had a piece of your family history to keep.

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you all



master brummie
Hi Jess

My Gt Grandmother was in Rubery Hill Asylum she died there in 1893 & was buried in the grounds, I found a lot of information at the old library they have an old plan of the burial ground but it i couldn't pin point where she was buried ,most of the grounds have new houses built on now but there is one part grassed over with a memorial plaque on the gate, i have live close by for 40 yrs and it was only when i researched my family tree i found this out i had been passing the ground twice a week without realising. Before that she was in Powick asylum in Worcester, she was living in Balsall Heath at the time

Regards Pat


proper brummie kid
Hello Jess I worked at Ruberyhill for many years and administor a facebook page for that hospital, prior to its closure I presented an visual history of RHH and took and archived many photos prior to that closure .Due to confidentiality I cannot supply photos of Patients but can help with photos /videos of what it was like.


master brummie
Hello Lily,

My Gt Grandmother died in RHH & is buried in the grounds in 1893, she was only 39 yrs old, I know you cannot pass on photo's but is there anywhere I could view them ? her name was Elizabeth Roberts, I have seen some of her records she was in Powick in Worcester before RHH opened. Pat


proper brummie kid
Hello Pat if you are on facebook look for the Rubery hill hospital site it is a closed site so send in a request for membership. the site is intended for ex staff and patients or people who have a geniune interest in Rubery Hills history. there are some interesting photos going back to its building in the 1880s if you look down the threads as stated it does not have pictures of patients and is not intended for people with a morbid interest


Brummie babby
Hi I have been trying to locate admission details/info for a relative , Charles Clarence Paddock , who spent 50 years (1924 -1974) as a patient in Rubery Hill Hospital - last few years as a transfer patient to Hollymoor Hospital . Armed with Charles death certificate I contacted Birmingham Archives and for the princely sum of £32 ( £16 per half hour search ) I was sent a sparse and extremely disappointing one line image with 'C Paddock June 1924' and mention from the 'Archivist' that he was a Roman Catholic ('RC') and ane added comment by the Archivist that Charles was admitted from home. I was not permitted to visit and view ... hardly value for money . I realise the need for the 100 year rule - but surely family has a right to know about these 'secrets swept under the carpet' from days gone by. Surely some institution must have the Admissions Books ? Any ideas??
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