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Royal Oak - Lapal/Quinton

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If anyone has any memories of this place in more recent times it would be great to hear from you...

The Royal Oak - Lapal/Quinton [pic attached]

Located on Manor Lane, the Royal Oak is a classic example of the inter-war rebuild in the mock-Tudor style. The original pub stood close to the junction with Manor Lane and Carter's Lane.

Manor Lane has traditionally offered a easier gradient from Halesowen to Quinton and, as such, was popular with waggoners. There was a colliery further down the hill though the canal facilitated transport of extracted coal. Closer to the Royal Oak was an old quarry not far from The Leasowes, once the home and garden of the poet William Shenstone. In the vicinity of The Leasowes was a cluster of cottages around Webb's Green where some nailmaking took place. Run for many years by the Green family, Bogs Farm was right next to the pub.

An early publican of the Royal Oak Inn was James Williams, a spade tree maker who kept the house with his wife Frances. Henry Tompkins was the landlord in the early 1870's. Born in Hagley. he was also an agent in the timber trade. His second wife Leonora was born close to the pub in Carter's Lane. The couple later moved to Handsworth's Grove Lane from where Henry continued to work as a timber merchant.

It was from Handsworth that another licensee moved to run the Royal Oak Inn. Retail brewer Henry Gollicker had previously kept the Watt Tavern on Soho Hill before moving to Quinton. His stay was brief for Miss Harriet Lane is recorded as the licensee in 1892. She was succeeded by her brother Alfred, a mechanical engineer. Both he and Harriet hailed from West Bromwich. Alfred and his wife Jessie employed Stourbridge-born Phoebe Pardoe as a domestic servant.

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Have driven past that pub many times over the last 50 years and now live about 1/2 mile from it but never gone in there.