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Roy Fisher - Birmingham Poet

A Sparks

master brummie
There doesn't seem to be an appropriate thread to post this so thought I would start this.
I found this poem quoted in the comments box of a seemingly unrelated short doccumentary film on YouTube - it was actually about a hidden river walk in east London.

The poem is about the River Tame and the River Rea is also mentioned. It's by a man called Roy Fisher (1930 - 2017) who was born in Handsworth, he was a teacher and also a jazz musician.

I liked the poem very much and thought I would share the link....there is some information on him at the foot of the page.

Are any of our members familiar with Roy Fisher?


Ex-pat Brummie
There's not a lot about Fisher's jazz exploits, but from the people quoted he seems to have been a trad jazz man rather than a modern jazz man, so our paths never crossed!

Maurice :cool: