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Rose Jackson

John Jackson

New Member
As a teenager I remember Aunt Rose who was determined her daughter Diane would become a teacher. This was the mid-50s when Diane and I were young. We lived in Enfield, Middx, they in Birmingham and we drifted apart and it wasn't till 15 years later that Rose and I met at my grandfather's funeral when I was a teacher and Rose told me that unfortunately Diane wasn't but she'd trained to teach late in life. Rose was born in Birmingham in 1916 so by then she must have been 50+. I wonder if anyone remembers Rose Jackson who was married to Dan, a milkman, and Diane. It's perhaps 40 years later so maybe Rose and Dan are dead but Diane and I are now 68 ............... anyone remember them?

John Jackson (presently holidaying in Cape Town)

John Jackson

New Member
I imagined someone would have recognised her and given a little clue on where I might search next but after 2 weeks ...... nothing. One other clue is that I've remembered Diane had very red hair.

HELP PLEASE ...... anything........


master brummie
Hi John

I will send you a private message. I can't help with their whereabouts so if anyone else knows please let him know. The info I am sending him is just to confirm the people he is tracing and as they may be alive I didn't want to put it on the open forum.