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ROGERS, William

Ron Rogers

master brummie
William Rogers was bn abt 1801 ,in the 1841 census it shows his trade as Builder ,in the 1851 census it shows his trade as Carpenter.
Would he had had to do an apprentiship for these trades and how could i find out if he did an appentiship and with who?

Thanks Ron


master brummie
Re: William Rogers

Ron, if you look up "apprenticeship" on wikipedia, there's an interesting article about itbut I am not sure how you can find out who he worked for - there weremany trades which had builders and carpenters in house, as well as the construction people.


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Re: William Rogers

Not much good for you as they only go up to the mid 1810s, but worth knowing if you have plenty of time and are interested in earlier dates. The National archive microfilms have been digitised, and some have become available free (you have to order them, but there is no charge for downloaded versions). These include IR1 ( Register of indentures. Registers kept by the Board of Stamps of the moneys received in payment of the duty on apprentices' indentures under the statute of Anne c5 and subsequent acts ). They are hand written, there are no indexes and each file can be up to or more than 200Mb, and there are 79 files. Each file is for a few years, and period is listed with listing of file.

Ron Rogers

master brummie
Re: William Rogers

Morning Mike,

Thanks for that. I havent ordered any files from NA is there a form to use ?.