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Rocky Lane Perry Barr

A Sparks

master brummie
Thanks.for reply. it as been years1960s last time i went in the shop.it belong to the family who had a shop in phillip st aston.if i remember right.
Just had a look on Google street view, it's not there now, possibly they retired and no one in the family who wanted to take it on.


master brummie
The only shops i can remember on Rocky Lane were at the top by the roundabout and at the bottom on the Walsall road opposite the Crematorium. There was a Paynes shoe repairers a newsagents and a cycle shop plus some others which I can‘t remember at the bottom but never used the top shops.

Debbie Green

New Member
My dad lived in ivybridge Grove perry barr from 1937 up until 1958. Donald green. Mom was may dad fred fred sisters irene and rita