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Rocky Lane Aston



img370.jpgI had to ask where this was and another member John Houghton told me it is Rocky Lane.


gone but not forgotten
Yes old boy that became tubes limited afew years later in rocky lane ajoining the golden cross pub and all the way down to cheston rd
the out off licence was on the corner of strettton rd and rocky lane with tubes facing
there was one in chester street on the corner of chester street was the midland electricty board and if you walked up street you would have passed hollond rd
and then the avenue ; and the next rd up was white house street and thats where the off licence was which i beleive are the one you are thinking about
going down rocky lane you came to the pub mentioned and next to that was the cafe ;
cross the rd facing the pub and the cafe was cheston rd ; and that was started by passing the entrace of the tubes foundry ; ; the forge
which was intwo sections of either side of the rd ; as you turned into cheston rd 'on your left was the forge and the right hand was the storage ;
down pas there was the royal mail sorting office for aston ; my uncle was the post master general there at the bottonod the cheston rd was a pub ;
best wishes astonian


master brummie
As Astonian says. Deffinately Rocky Lane, the building then became Tubes Ltd, where Astonian and I worked for many years. Nice to see the photo again.

Ray Griffiths

master brummie

This building was Hercules Cycles before Tubes took over, several of my family work there my cousin use to be a mopper of the handbars.

In them days you could take a bike in and trade it in for new one paying a balance in cash.


proper brummie kid
here you are Rocky Lane
hello john,

could you also kindly re-post these last 2 pics of rocky lane showing stretton road? i used to live at stretton road in the 70s as a child. be great to go back memory lane. thanks and only if you don't mind.

all the best


Staff member
1st re-postings - reposting some pics that were lost...all taken in the 50s and 60s

all images courtesy of carl chinn...


2nd repostings

replacement Photobucket image - PB would not release this pic ... so only a low res pic from the Google Robot.The image file name is Rocky-Lane-No-269-282-E_J_Wood-Woodworkers-4-11-1964-.jpg


Replacement Photobucket image. PB would not release this pic ... so only a low res pic from the Google Robot.
The image file name is Rocky-Lane-No-247-5-9-1951-.jpg

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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some more..PLEASE NOTE THAT PIC 3 IS NOT OF ROCKY LANE BUT OF ROOKERY ROAD...will leave it on as its a nice one..

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Please note this photo below has subsequently been identified as Rookery Road and not Rocky Lane
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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morning john..ive just had a look at the caption again for that one..says its rocky lane..life force pen offices and factory...when i have time unless someone beats me to it i will do a kellys look up to find out the correct location..thanks for pointing it out john i hate wrong captions....


master brummie
I have just read this thread all the way through,fantastic i loved every bit of it.
even though i,m on it some i had,nt seen sorry if i did,nt reply at the time.
hello John Knight former Cromwell street resident,hope you and yours are all well.
Regards to al dereklcg..

john knight

Hello Derek,
Yes I'm fine and living it up on the Costa del Brighton, ha ha.
Still doing a few signs now and then,but now in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose my jobs,although I've been retired for 10 years, I still like to do a bit.
Trust you and everyone on BHF are well.
Regards John (aka signman).


master brummie
Thanks Astoness for re-posting the Rocky Lane photographs They brought back memories for me. In post 149 picture 2 the open space on the right, was that the sight of the Methodist Chapel that was bombed ? Photo 2 in post 150, the one with advertising boards, the windows above are the old LMS Goods yard stables, the entrance was in Rupert Street opposite where I lived in the in the 1930's early 40'
Regards reg