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RIP,Tony Britton

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master brummie
Yes, a sad loss. My favourite film starring him was Day Of The Jackal, which I can still watch and enjoy now.

I didn't know until 10 minutes ago that he was born above The Trocadero pub in Temple Street! That particular hostelry had a certain, er, reputation back in the 60's and 70's, but it was still a great place to start off a Saturday night!



master brummie
Very much enjoyed watching "Operation Amsterdam" where Tony Britton played the part of a British agent trying to smuggle diamonds out of Amsterdam, 1940, before the Germans moved in. I also saw him live at the Birmingham Hippodrome, on September 12th 1964, where he was the Henry Higgins character in "My Fair Lady". Dave


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a fine brummie actor liked him in straight and comedy roles...some may already know this but tonys dad ran the minttony britton at the mint.jpg pub on icknield st...here is a photo of tony inside the pub playing darts date 1964

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master brummie
1964 was Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady in Birmingham. Could have been at "The Alex".
ps Just seen farmerdave's post above so it was "The Hippodrome". I understand Tony Britton was born above "The Troc" in Temple St.
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