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master brummie
R.I.P. Phil. We never met but a great source of knowledge and the answer to lots of my many and varied queries on this forum. You will be sorely missed.


Staff member
I'm sorry to hear about Phil. A couple of photos that he posted in the past that I'd never seen before really meant something to me and memories of my childhood. R.I.P.
hi banjo when i first joined this forum i had not got one single photo of villa st where i grew up..phil posted an old 1900s shot of the street for me and encouraged me to start searching for photos ...i was delighted... so i started to search for any old photos of brum..streets..schools..pubs etc and slowly over the years my collection grew into many hundreds...even now not to the extent that phil had...however about 3 years ago phil very kindly put onto sticks all of his collection and gave them to me...something i have always been grateful for and in turn i gave him photos that he did not have...this kind deed gives me comfort now as his collection will not be lost or kept on a hard drive never to be seen again..



master brummie
Thank you Phil for all your contributions to the forum, you have helped so many R.I.P.


master brummie
On behalf of myself lynne webb and Kelly Webb, We would like to send our sincere condolences to all of Phils friends and family at this sad time, Phil was an amazing man with a ton of knowledge of all things in Birmingham.

R.I.P Phil will raise a glass for you.


knowlegable brummie
Sad news, I never met him but we messaged a few times, a fellow Dennis Road boy and ex Balsall Heath resident
RIP Phil


master brummie
Phil will be sadly missed. I always enjoyed seeing his Then & Now photographic comparisons of shops, streets, transport and people. The "Then" photographs always seemed to have a lot more character. R.I.P. Phil.