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RIP MAURICE (sospiri)


Staff member
as some of you know maurice had been ill for some time..he came home from hospital a few days ago but had to be admitted again 2 days ago...it is with a very heavy heart i have to inform all of you that maurice passed away this morning...maurice was not just a friend to us all but he was always willing to help others especially with their family ancestry and had been a bhf member for many years... maurice (an aston lad) was unable to read our messages of support on another thread but his wife jan was able to relay them to him so he knew we were all thinking of him....star in the sky.jpg

my condolences to his wife jan and all of the family

rest in peace maurice we are all going to miss you and tonight another brummie star will light up the sky

lyn x


master brummie
Never met anyone on BHF but it feels like I've lost family. Loss of friends is all too common these days and R.I.P. is becoming routine. Regardless...RIP Maurice, gonna miss your wisdom.
Dave A


Such sad news. R.I.P. Maurice, thanks for your help.
Condolences to Jan and the family.


master brummie
So sad to hear the new of Sospiri passing. Another friend has left us, i hope he is in a good place.


master brummie
That's such sad news, i think we were all hoping for the best.

Sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends


OldBrit in Exile
The only good thing is, Maurice is out of pain now, as I know he was, This is two really good mates, one that I knew personally Eddie, on this site, now Maurice. Rest in peace now Maurice I will miss you. A very sad Old Brit